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In 24 hours they’ll be laying flowers on my life [entries|friends|calendar]
Been given 24 hours to tie up loose ends

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[Haha. I'm such a retard.] [06 Sep 2004|04:59am]
Moved to martyrdelirium. Add me if you want. =_=;

*Sacrifices this journal to the gods known as the Heartless.*
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[Aisha Got Your Tongue!] [05 Sep 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Before I start: Hahaha. Cai... Hanu is HORNY. <3

Today... today I didn't have to get up and go to church. *boogies* I was suprised mum didn't force me awake. But then again, I spent a full day outside of the house [8 AM to 10PM] with Jessica, so it's all good. Mum had to go to G-Pa's though, and I decided to stay home. Been gloomy since I came home last night. T_T; Don't ask why, I don't know.

So I slept. And slept some more. Then got a new [Kingdom Hearts, Riku] icon finally, seeing as no one wanted to help me make a new one. X3 That's alright, I guess.

Which reminds me... I might be just changing my LJ name again. And if anyone really wants it, you can just ask for it. No point in adding anyone who would'nt pay attention to it.

Cause I can.Collapse )

FUCK You, ANTS. *gets out the RAID*

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[04 Sep 2004|09:04am]
[ mood | content ]

Yahoo! Surfing time! Well, kind of. T_T; I just started my bloody mary week... I'm so dissapointed. ;o; I was really hyper about going surfing too. Oh well, maybe next weekend she'll take me and I can give it a go! X3

*shoveling down Crispix hurringly* She's suppost to be here around 9-9:30 so'm just sittin' here waiting to see if she'll arrive early or late. [I have to know these things about my friends, like if they come exactly on time, a little before or a little after. XD] I brought my sketch pad and my digicam so I can take pictures and doodle and stuff. :-=

Ew. Soggy Crispix. x_X Anyway, I had the weirdest Last Exile dream last night. Something about Dio in this purple poofy wedding-like dress and he was kicking ass... and Lucciola knowing ballet? O_o It was SO effin' weird. I can't remember it all, but I was freaked out. Oh... and then I had a scary dream. ; ; But I wont mention it cause its personal to someone else on LJ. *_* Now I'm all worried again.

Lala... might go watch tele before going or something. X3 I love you, Kira! I might call you today and leave a message or summat. @D@

Blah #1
I need new icons. T_T; Anyone up to making two for me? XD

WTS #1
AH! Randomly found these! CICADA~!Collapse )

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[03 Sep 2004|08:09pm]
Goin' to the beach tomorrow with Jessica cause she wants to surf and I want to watch.

Go me.

Yoinked from Aspen.Collapse )

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Squiggly [02 Sep 2004|03:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Is that how you spell it? X_x

ANYWAY. Today was so much better than yesterday. My shivering is finally gone and my arm doesn't hurt. Wai! *high spirits* :3 I also went into class this morning to find a text message from Kira on my phone wishing me a goodnight [from the night before, of course] and a happy thursday. WAH. <333 That just made my day. Then if it couldn't get any better... the History notebook I worked an hour an a half on [its so pretty and colorful!] got a 100%! *does a boogie-dance*

Oh man, lunch was awesome! XD [I laughed so damn much today. My throat hurts~! XD] I sat with Jenn, Chelsey and Susan... C, J and I were all busting up laughing about some random shit, and Susan was like, "....*munches on sammich*" Poor thing! I HOPE I DIDN'T SCARE YOU, BABE. <3

What else can I point out? OH OH OH. FUCK. Biology kicks major assage. Mrs. Ritter is so cute! She has this little lisp and I'm like, "AW. ; ; *wants to hug her or summat*" Anyway! That's not what I was going to say. XD JESSICA! Oh my lord. She's so bloody awesome. We had to pick Bio partner and stuff, and I turned to her and I was all, "I'm stealing you!" X3 So we went to our microscopes and we had to take cheek cells. So I tried mine first, and nothing came out. So she tried and we ended up looking at this, like, squiggly-line-thing. WE WERE BUSTING UP. XD I was all, "WTS You've got squiggly cells! YOU'RE RETARDED. YOUR CELLS ARE TOO!"

Ah man. What a day... :x I can't wait to get my essay done.. then I can relax. OH. The street fair is tomorrow and Saturday. T_T I was thinking about inviting Jessica to come with me so I can get to know her a little better... I wish Kira could go. ; ;

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Magical Dreamer [01 Sep 2004|05:56pm]
Got up, went to school. Around 11 AM-ish, I started to shiver uncontrollably and my right arm hurt like a mofo for some reason. My Theology teacher nearly made me go home, but I had to turn in my Biology stuff [which is 8th period, of course.] so I stayed. But when I got home I started dinner then curled up in my Megatokyo blankie that Ken got me for Christmas. Brr. I don't know whats wrong with me. XO If it still is like this tomorrow mum is taking me to the emergency room.

Bah. Is it wrong to feel a little neglected? =_= Maybe its just the shivering.
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Positives [31 Aug 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Happy Birthday Mum. I hope today was a great day for you. <3 [Even if she can't see this.]

Blah blah school, blah blah I love Kira, blah blah blah... X3 OH! I MET THIS GIRL IN BIOLOGY! She's from Honolulu I believe. She's all Japanese and Hawaiian-ish and stuff. When I looked at her I was like, "....OLD KIRA?! WTSHOLYSHIT." But instead of braces she had glasses. Its weird. Her name's Jessica... she's quiet though, so I need to get her riled up for Biology! :'D *sounds so lame*

Effin' sucks but its just cause of one line. =_=;Collapse )

I think I busted my lip open again. >_o




TAKE THAT. I have the safest wife in the world. AHAHAHAH. <333 *dies* I'm done now.

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First Day Back to Hell! [31 Aug 2004|01:42am]
[ mood | hot ]

[Insert big-ol assed long-winded yawn HERE.]

DAMN. I am dog tired.

Let's see, I got to school and put my books in my locker. I barely saw any of my friends, but Elizabeth launched herself at me today, so, that's a good sign. >_o Hmm... first period. Mr. Spoooorss... dude, he's a kick ass teacher, man. Very nice, but picky in the cleanage area. I have Teresa in that class with me thank god.

Second period was English. Oh. My. LORD. I hate it. The woman assigned an essay to us today. FIRST DAY. *facepalm* I was quite upset. I have no friends in there either, I sat in the back and doodled. X3

Hum see, Third period was *thiiinks* PE! The class with Elizabeth. XD Oh man. All we did was get the class outline but we got a paper with a star sticker on it. I put it on my forehead and the teacher was like, "O_o ^^; Yes, you can keep those." So Liz stole someone else's and put it on her cheeks. *giggles* Dork.

Fourth... *THINKS* I wanna say its French. NO. It was Geometry! AHH THE TEACHER IS KICK ASS! She's from Hong Kong and started teaching us Chinese. XD I have a few friends in that class, but most of the kids are Freshmen that I don't know.

Fifth was French. Been there, done that, Mrs. Raymond talks a lot. XD So I drew and wrote.

Sixth was... Web Publishing! OH! I'M EDITOR AND CHEIF!!! *__*; Wahaha. Along with this boy named Kenny at my side, though. But I'm head honcho! Bwahaha. Bow to me, you low-lifers!

Seventh.. Theology. I would've liked to say that I liked the class. But I don't. T_T Why? THEY CHANGED THEOLOGY. It's now a letter grade. It... sucks. It blows. We have homework. ABOUT THE EFFIN' BIBLE. Grr. Just grr.

Eigth. Favorite period. *_* We have a new teacher named Miss. Ritter... AH. Too sweet. I was an example today for blowing up bubbles in my hands. XD Well, lighting them on fire that is... it was effin' awesome! There was this girl Jessica right behind me. *_* She's a Freshman and reminds me of Kira. I was like, "O_o *scoots to* ^^ Helllooo.." I think I scared her. But she spoke to me, so I'm all happy.

Then I got my stuff... and went to Tiff's car to go home.
...the car wouldn't start.
So I had to hitch a ride home, but all my friends left before then. SO... I went ahead and walked home with Ricki and Teresa. It was hillarious, we talked the whole time, and I was telling them all about Kira. I think Teresa got jealous, though, cause I have a girlfriend now. XD And I was asking them about kissing, ect... it was just fun. Until I came home and realized I twisted my ankle. *bitchcomplain*

Oh, but.. I came home. Ate, covered my books, and crashed at 8 PM. EIGHT. That is terribly, terribly rare for me. Then I got up at 1 AM-ish, and realized Kira tried to call me back. O: Shit. So I was all, "Noooo! *tries to get online!*" But I knew she was not on, but I needed to check her journal! ; ;

KIRA KIRA KIRA yes I did call you. XD I was like, on the way home, "*looks at cellie... picks it up* <3~I'm gonna leave her a message! ^^ *calls... ...it rings* O_O! SHIT. *hangs up* ; ;" I felt bad cause then I knew you were in a class. X3 Can you use cell phones at lunch? ; ; I texted you on my lunch time, so.. yeah.

Just got up, though~! And an old friend IMed me! RACHIE. <3 I am all hippity skippity now. I missed her. :[
But... I have to toddle off to bed at 3. So, yes, I tried to make this short. I failed.
AHAHA. Someone told me I looked like Hikaru from Hikaru No Go today! YES. XD

Clear as crystal

Too many entries in one day. x_x! [29 Aug 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | content ]


I just spent the last hour sewing [yes, you heard me right. sewing. Patches, though.] and hammering things on my wall. *boohoos over her raw fingertips*

Oh yeah. I broke the needle when I was sewing. I'm so gentle.

--Will put up pictures as soon as I upload them.

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